Submitted Paper

These past two weeks, we have really been focusing on and working on finishing our Grace Hopper paper. Initially, we wrote a draft of the paper. We had to cut it down a lot because of the page requirements. We met with our PhD student to edit it first. We also uploaded it as a Google Doc so other students in our lab could read it. We then finalized a draft with our PhD student Swamy and sent it off to our professor for editing. After implementing her edits, we submitted the paper into the system. Hopefully, it will be accepted and we can attend Grace Hopper.

Today we met with Swamy and we realized that we will actually need three different methods of representation for each vital aspect:

1. Range of motion during each exercise: We will visualize this through five bars of EL wire. This idea has come up before in our research process. As the range increases, a greater number of bars will light up as a result.

2. Number of repetitions: We will use a flexible LED strip that resets daily. I beleive this strip should be perpendicular to the EL wire bar display, so that they will light up on different axes. In this way, the user will be less likely to confuse the purpose of the two displays.

3. Power: We will continue with the ring of EL wire around the entire display to visualize the fact that the device is powered.

The panel will look something like the figure below where the green indicates range of motion, the yellow and black LED strip indicates range of motion, and blue indicates power.

These next few weeks, we are continuing our work on the wearable device. I will be making the wearable design cleaner and straighter. Then I will start splicing the EL wire and doing the circuit.

– Miranda