Spring Break and Circuitry

Last week was spring break so we had a small pause with the research.

Before that, I worked more on the circuitry. I created a code which I posted last time but I hadn’t made the circuit yet. Before spring break, I tried to create a circuit for the code using the Arduino Uno Board. I still need to figure out how the mini board works before I use that. I’ll meet with Swamy tomorrow to figure out how to continue. I have the circuit, but it doesn’t seem to be working as it should be. The circuit will light up EL wire when the flex sensor reaches a certain threshold.

There were also more resistors to sort for the new lab, so I spent some time sorting those resistors. I’m still not done yet though, but it’s not too hard since a lot of them are sorted so I only need to match the color.

Miranda is also working on making the EL wire become straighter. Afterwards, she’ll help a bit more with the circuitry.

Since last week was spring break there’s not as much to report, but we’ll start up again tomorrow.