Interface Design

In the past two weeks, I’ve looked at some more Android things as well as met with Swamy to work out the interface for our device. I read up more on the USB host mode for Android. I also looked at some more code.

In my meeting with Swamy this week, we talked about what the home screen will look like for both the patient as well as the physical therapist. After some discussion, we decided that instead of an Android application, we might provide the physical therapist with something they can use on the computer, such as a web based application. This would allow the physical therapist to do some more advanced things. We’re probably going to focus first on what to provide for the physical therapist and then later we can create an Android application for the patient to use. This way, the patient can keep track of what they’re doing and such.

Here’s a list of what we came up with that both parties need:



  • Download data (sync) from device
  • Graph of data
  • Goals for this week
    • Progress
    • How much more?


  • Overview of all patients
  • Each patient info
    • All their prior home sessions
    • Injury; prescribed sessions
    • Goals
    • Progress towards goals
    • Download data from device
    • Program the device with thresholds
      • Program it for length of session
      • Degree of movement

We also came up with some preliminary designs for what the screens will look like. I still need to look at aesthetics and such and I might change the colors and such, but here’s what we have.

As well as a bigger graph for physical therapists so that they can look at a patient’s progress. We’re still figuring out the details but we want to show preliminary designs to a physical therapist so that they can tell us exactly what they would need.

We’re continuing to work on the circuits and the design of the leg enclosure as well as some of the code. Finals are also coming up really soon, so we’ll definitely be pretty busy.