Work in the past weeks

I have been focusing mainly on construction of the prototype these past weeks. We constructed a plastic buckle from a 3D printer. It looks like a double loop slider buckle. It is four inches long and can be used with the lower leg enclosure. We tested the buckle and it works well. So we will construct a 6 inch buckle for the upper leg as well. The buckle is shaped like the image below, but we used plastic so that it would not be as cold against the skin of the patient.

This image was taken from

I have been spending a lot of time working with the construction of the trim around the neoprene. However, it is too thick for the sewing machine I have been working with. We tried a thicker string but it did not work well. We may hand sew it so that we can get a prototype out, but I would still like to find a way to use a sewing machine so that it will have more steady and quicker sewing. We are also ordering more neoprene because we cannot make the top leg enclosure without it. All of the stores around us have stopped holding it so we are getting it online.