Making the Prototype

We’ve really been rushing to finish the prototype by the end of this month in the last two weeks. We decided to continue using all EL wire for the prototype since the EL tape couldn’t be cut and soldered well easily.

I tested more of the sensors in the past two weeks. Though all the sensors gave relatively consistent readings when we did 10 repetitions, the flex sensor didn’t seem to work well when we tested it over a period of time. The readings weren’t consistent. We also tried to place the flex sensor on the side of the knee which could make designing the prototype easier, however, the readings weren’t consistent at all. The difference between bending the knee 90 degrees and fully back was hardly noticeable. From these findings, we decided to use a bend sensor and have it be placed at the bottom of the knee.

In the past week, we’ve been discussing the prototype a lot. We’ve been talking about how to attach the EL panel as well as about the entire design of the prototype. For now, we’ve decided to create a frame for the EL panel. The panel will have velcro so that it can be detached and reattached. Each part of the circuitry will have its own component as well so that it can be easily debugged. Miranda has been making the main part of the prototype. I’ve been sewing the EL wire panel. We’ve measured everything out and I’ve been working on making the wires at straight as possible so that the aesthetics look good. Here’s what it looks like so far:

We still need to add the outer blue ring to the panel as well. We’re pushing to finish the prototype by either this week or next week. The circuitry is already done as well and it has been placed on a PCB Board so we just need to add up all the components and piece it together.