Working on Prototype

These past two weeks, we have been working on the prototype. The circuit is finished and we have sewed the EL wire onto the panel.

At the beginning of the two week period, we had several conversations discussing how we could make the leg enclosure adjustable with the integration of the electronics and requirements of the sensor. After testing both the bend and flex sensor in several positions, the data concluded that the bend sensor placed on the back of the leg would be most reliable. The placement of the sensor at the back on the leg posed some questions on how we would have the bend sensor adjustable and aligned on different leg sizes while maintaining a good connection and aesthetic enclosure. We decided to go with allowing for adjustments through the use of Velcro. We had explored many different adjustable devices, and other ways to eliminate the problem of adjustability, but it seemed that Velcro is our best option for the time being.

I designed the panel so that it can be removable in the case that we need to fix any circuit errors or connection errors on the device. We want to accentuate the panel so we are placing it within a circular display frame created by neoprene. This circular display mirrors the circular shape of the EL wire power ring.

I am also using a sewing machine that works well with neoprene so that we can add a border to the device to give it a finished look. We should be finished with the prototype by the end of the month and will have pictures on the blog soon.

We are also getting IRB paperwork done and starting to edit the paper for the second Grace Hopper submission.