IRB Approval and a Second Prototype

We have been working on creating a second prototype in case the first one has technical problems during the study. With two prototypes, we can switch between the two when we need to fix one of them. We have the second enclosure mostly finished, but we are still working on the circuit.

This prototype has been a lot easier to create because of what we have learned from making the first prototype. Also we are using a border material that is easier to sew onto the neoprene which expedites the process.

In other news, we also got IRB approval! We will be posting fliers to get participants for the study in the next few days.

Since I may need to print more 3D buckles in the future, I decided to create a tutorial for the process. It is below:

Tutorial for 3D Printer

1. Place the STL file into the 3D jobs folder on the desktop.

2. Open Object Studio.

3. Insert the model (STL file) and highlight it.

4. Choose the surface finish you would like (glossy/matte).

6. Through the advanced option, choose “lite” for the material.

7. Click the lightning bolt for auto-placement of the model.

8. Click the dollar sign to estimate the price.

9. Record the price and related information onto a tracking sheet. 

10. Pay with an IN or other method of payment.

11. Click “Build tray.”

12. Open the job manager to make sure everything is okay. Check that it is sending 8 units, if not type “scroll lock” twice and “enter” and click the red button to go online. 

13. Type “Windows” “L” to lock the computer when finished.