Second Prototype and Circuitry

Since our advisor has been gone the past few weeks, Miranda and I have been working on the second prototype. I helped sew the EL panel again. I also re soldered all the EL wires using copper tape. Hopefully, it will keep better this time. Also, we’re going to try to bend the wire outside of the connection to make it a bit stronger. Miranda also finished with the basic parts of the second prototype.

Miranda and I also spent some time putting up fliers around campus. These fliers are to help get users for our user study. We’ve gotten one call already which is pretty exciting. To do the study, however, we need an encasing for the bend sensor so that the wires will all connect. Miranda will be gone for about 2 days but when she gets back, we’ll work on that. We need to make sure the wires connect to the right spot so the bend sensor value gets to the circuit. There’s also some extra circuitry associated with this.

I’ve also been working on the circuit for our second prototype. We just ordered a lot of new parts to help build the second circuit. I’ve redrawn the circuit many times and I’ve now started soldering it. The circuit can be a little confusing at first, but it makes more sense once you draw it out. Here’s what our circuit looks like (the picture is a bit blurry since it’s from my phone):

Now, we’re just getting everything ready for our user study. Hopefully, I’ll be finishing the circuit this week and everything will be done in time to test on people.