Working on Bend Sensor

These past few weeks we have posted all the fliers and I am now working on creating an enclosure for the bend sensor so that the wires will not be exposed to the user.

We posted the fliers all around campus and have heard back from one potential participant! We are hoping to do the study in 1-2 weeks.

In the mean time, we are readjusting a part of the circuit so that the power switch for the circuit is exposed so that the user can easily turn the device on an off. I am also working on the bend sensor so that the wires will be hidden from the user. We are exploring different ways to make a connection that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the device but still create a strong connection for the bend sensor to connect to the circuit.

We are also working on getting the reimbursement forms for some of the materials and we  ordered new circuit material for the second prototype.