Day 6: Lilypad & Circuit 4 – 5

Circuit 4:
We set up a wave of 3 blinking LED lights with Lilypad. By connecting 3 alagator clips to the ground component we completed the circuit by placing the positive alligator clips on the 5, 6, & 9 slots. Then in the code there are delays that set when the LED’s are to be activated and when they are to be deactivated.
circuit 4 circuit 4
Below is the Youtube video of our working Circuit 4:

Circuit 5:
We set up a button to turn on the LED Light. We had to use Leah Bueachley’s tutorial as guidance to answer the questions we had. The lilypad had a hard time recognizing the variables we set as the button and the LED.
crcuit 5circuit 5
Below is the Youtube Video of our button:

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