Day 12: Continuing with project; Combining the two parts


We created the set up for the button (see Day 1), and then combined it with the light sensor similar to Day 9. Also after the meeting it was made apparent that we should record the values we get from the smoke during the trials as well as take note of how slightly different the smoke air will be.
The light sensor part works perfectly like Day 9, however the button fails to do its function. We did not know wether the code for the button should go below, inside, or above the repeat for the light sensor. So we tried them all and none seemed to have an effect. So we looked into using the “while” command and other methods of saying the same thing. In the end we brought up the old code for the button and still seemed to have something over looked. We typed in the switchPin but that was not our answer.
project combination img
For Tomorrow:
Ask Kim for help, and possibly start over starting with the button.

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