Week #6: Replying to messages, ngrok, cookies

Week #6 has absolutely just flown by.  Midterms are done so back to TIDE work.  I’ve been working on replying to text messages this week.  I’m still having problems with the IU SOIC server so I’m using a service called ngrok that exposes your local server to the internet.  It’s very user friendly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone doing any local development.  You can learn more about ngrok and Twilio with this very useful tutorial:


My next step is storing all the text conversations into cookie sessions.  I also found a very interesting tutorial on Twilio and Natural Language Processing:


I’m planning on poking through the tutorial and applying some of the keyword response stuff into TIDE.  I decided to abandon Ruby for Python because I’m more familiar with the Python language.  We’re getting down to the wire, it’s already week 8 in the semester.  Today I also plan on turning in my IRB resubmit which (I know, I know!) is very late.  Until next week!

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