Week #12: More databases, coursework

Erin and I have been working more on our database.  We’ve also been thinking about how we want to implement the multithreading we need for our texting application.  I’ve never dealt with multithreading before, so I’ve been doing some research on the topic before we try to attempt to implement it.  Some resources I’ve used:



Also, our IRB got rejected again.  This has been a very frustrating experience because we’ve been going back and forth with the IRB reviewer for months at this point.  Hopefully next time it will get approved!

I don’t anticipate that we’ll have much to report on this week because it’s Thanksgiving and Erin and I both have a significant amount of coursework and projects to work on.  We have a final project due for Distributed Systems at the beginning of next week, and we’ve got a lot of work to do.

Until next week!

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