Week #6

Week #6

I am now heading into the seventh week of my summer REU program and there is only one week left until the Girl Scout camp.

This past week I spent a lot of my time planning out how I want to do my video documentation. In the video I plan on talking about the Lilypad, all the different pieces and the function of each piece (the buzzer, RGB LED, Temp sensor etc…). Also in the video I am going to present the project that I made using the lilypad arduino. I’m going to talk about how I did the sewing, how I used the 3D printer, and maybe discuss a few problems that I ran into when working with the lilypad.

I also did a lot of debugging with my code. Last week, for one reason or another, the Harry Potter theme song wouldn’t play properly. At first I thought the problem was the subroutines I added throughout the song to check the light sensor value, so I removed all of them but it didn’t make a difference, I still had the same problem. After ruling out those subroutines as a problem, I figured that it had to be the color subroutines added to create the light show. So I then removed all of the color subroutines from the code and tested it and the song played through perfectly. I am still not sure why the color subroutines were causing the song to play out of tune, but I removed a lot of the colors I was using and limited the colors to red, blue, gold, and green in the light show. With that adjustment, my project is functioning perfectly!

With my project finally working the way it is supposed to, all I have left to do is to record my video. Happy Fourth everyone! –John

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