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Week Eight.

It was a very busy week. We had a lot of stuff to complete that were assigned to us during our last week meeting with Dr. Siek and Dr. Jen. Besides that I had to complete my weekly deliverables here …

Week 5 and we are halfway there folks!

HI all,

Last week was another warm and lovely week here in Bloomington! In today’s post I will be addressing building a professional online presence, CHI, peer reviews, meeting updates, final product(s), challenges/failures/iterations, and an updated timeline.

Professional Online Presence:

Week Five.

This week went pretty good. We had a girls scout thing on Monday where we taught about circuits to high school students. I got to teach two groups of high school students about the circuit.First group of students that we …

6/16 Update

6/14 Wednesday:

Today I played around a little with TFLearn though I didn’t complete the program.  I spent the entire morning trying to figure out why my accuracy was so low compared to the tutorial program.  I figured out that …

6/13 Update

On Friday, 6/9:

I put some more work in TensorFlow and reviewed all my notes that I previously took.  I got a little frustrated during the day because I didn’t understand convolutional neural networks and it was really impeding my …

Week 2

This first week of research marked a growth period for me and my team. The growth was far more on a personal level than the knowledge and skills. This is due to each member of the research team I am …

Soundcomber Paper Summary

Soundcomber: A Stealthy and Context-Aware Sound Trojan for Smartphones

Schlegel, R., Zhang, K., Zhou, X. Y., Intwala, M., Kapadia, A., & Wang, X. (2011, February).             Soundcomber: a stealthy and context-aware sound trojan for smartphones. In NDSS (Vol.             11, …