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Week 9

This is the second to last week……….dun dun duuuuuuun.  Ok so this week we started with data collection lots and lots of data collection. We had a  meeting with our mentor  where we talked about the things we found she …

Week 9 (draft)

More on poster:




Table in database:

There are two formats that my script runs on. First is snmp one, which include all the routes, and I only write in to database when the prefix first showing up …

Week 8

Week 8 was most defiantly our most productive week!

Monday, Girl Scouts had started their summer computer science camp, and seemed like they were having a blast. Prohealth REU students helped out with another paper circuit and soldering workshop in the prototyping …

Week 8 (draft)


Working on outline.

Example: screenshot of routing table, security issues

Diagram: showing work flow: python script parsing three formats –> uploading into mysql –>  script comparing two tables in different format () –>

Script reading through mysql database and …

Week 7

This past week I modified how Friend in the Middle collects network data so that it would give a more rich picture of what each app is doing. The only negative consequence of this action is now I have to …

Week 6

Started a new schedule this week.Had a meeting with Dr. Siek on monday and  got some incite on how to construct my paper and my blogs ( this is a test run so bare with me). In this meeting, I learned about …