6/16 Update

6/14 Wednesday:

Today I played around a little with TFLearn though I didn’t complete the program.  I spent the entire morning trying to figure out why my accuracy was so low compared to the tutorial program.  I figured out that …

6/8 Update

On 6/7 (Wednesday):

I spent the entirety of today working on TensorFlow tutorials.  I found a online series by “sentdex” that is very helpful with TensorFlow.  I also had a meeting with Sven and we worked through some of the …

6/6 Update

6/2 (Friday):

I worked a bit on TensorFlow today and I also reviewed the Intro chapter of the the Deep Learning book.  We had a meeting from 3:00-4:00 about the book and we discussed many of the concepts inside.  I …

6/1 Update

Friday (5/26):

This was my first day in the vision lab.  I started by downloading three textbooks:

  1. Computer vision: Algorithms and Applications by Szeliski
  2. Digital Image Processing by Burger and Burge
  3. MIT Deep Learning Book by Goodfellow

I started and …

Thursday (5/25) Homework

So this is my last day joining the ProHealth people.  This week was really informative and I was able to pick up a lot of useful skills, notably Github and LaTeX.

My further homework assignments will be from David Crandall …

Wednesday (5/24) Post

  1. Find 1-2 articles from Crandall and write summaries: Completed on Mendeley.
  2. Make Video: Completed.  Link is here
  3. Make Press Release: Completed.  Should be shared with you.
  4. Blog post about day: Completed

Again, we were filled with a full …

Tuesday (5/23) Homework

  1. CITI Exam – Friday by 9pm in Github
  2. RCR Exam – Friday by 9pm in Github
  3. COI Form: Completed
  4. Github assignment: Completed
  5. Background Consent Form: Completed
  6. LaTeX Homework
    1. Professional Bio and Picture: Completed
      1. Use a table to note your degrees

Monday (5/22) Homework

  • Read http://bit.ly/ProHealthREUS17: Completed
  • Blog article documenting today
    • Review summary of the paper in the drive
      • 1st sentence: point of paper
      • 2nd sentence: Method they used
      • 3rd sentence: major finding (I used two sentences here)
      • 4th sentence: contribution
      • 5th