Unwritten – Week 9

On Monday, Mina and I performed the finishing touches on the IRB and submitted it to be reviewed. Then I prepared for the workshop. I have to have 9 fabric toolkits ready for participants to create circuits and four

Under Pressure – Week 8

On Monday we worked with the girl scouts that are attending an e-textile camp at the school of informatics this week. We helped two groups of girl scouts make paper circuits and solder the LEDs in place. The camp

Over the weekend I went with a group of REU students to the Art Show and to Taste of Bloomington. Afterwards we went to a comedy show with Scott Thompson. On Sunday I got went for a walk,  got

The Gambler – Week 4

The Weekend
On Saturday we went to the farmers market and I got some Chai mix and fresh vegetables. We also walked through the crafter’s area and it was fun to see the local talent. After the farmer’s market we

On Saturday, I went with a group of REU students to the Farmers Market and purchased a basket of peaches! Then we went to Vintage Vogue, a high end thrift store, that was 50% off because it was the

Over the long weekend I went to the farmers market, the grocery store, and the Bloomington outdoor pool on Saturday. On Sunday, I had the chance to review some of the related works for my research project and I

Bust a Move – Day 5

This Morning
I started work by meeting with Katie Siek and Ben Jelen about my project for the summer, Empowering Older Adult Crafters to Electronically Enhance Artifacts for Health. I’m going to be assisting with participatory design workshops in which