EJ Seong Day1


First meeting

I had a short meeting with a PhD mentor, Patrick, after lunch at the Tudor room at IU. I started work at Professors Kapadia’s lab with undergraduate students, Thomas, Tyler and the PhD mentor Patrick. Patrick is …

EJ Seong Weekend at BradFord Wood


Weekend at the Bradford Wood

All of the students who participated in the summer research program went to Bradford Wood. Bradford Wood provides a summer camp, workshops, weekend retreats etc. We went there to build up our team work …

EJ Seong Day 4


In the first session, I learned about WordPress and how personal webpages are important. I have a personal webpage but I’ve not worked on it for a long time. I lost motivation for making my webpage, but the session …

EJ Seong Day3


Today, I learned more about LaTeX. The professor Siek reviewed students’ LaTeX homework that writing a their own short biography of by using LaTeX. Many of the students had questions about make tables and set figures in certain locations. …

EJ Seong Day2



Today the classes were really useful. I learned about LaTeX and Github.   I’ve been using Github. I created a direct path from my software programs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse to my Github, but I did not know …