Week 10


Savannah’s Weekly Blog

I still cannot believe it is week 10! Time is almost up and everything needs to be wrapped up and double checked. This week began with debugging the file that makes our test_facts file that is …

Week 9


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection

It is week 9 and everybody is running around playing catch-up or wrap-it up. This week, week 9, began with me working alongside Dileep, one of my graduate mentors. He was showing me how to download …

Week 8


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection


Well, well, well, it is week eight! I am currently blogging on a Thursday so it is the end of week eight! Wow. Today, Monday, I decided to update my resume. I added in my …

Week 7


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection

Happy Fourth of July giphy

This weekend was awesome. I went home and got the chance  to spend time with my family and friends. I had some relaxation time and some delicious barbecue. On Monday, July 4th …

Day 16 — week 6


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection


Overall, this week has been very productive. Today my focus was to extend the extraction of urls found when searching drug interactions. My code extended from extracting the urls from just page one to extracting …

Day 14– Week 5


Savannah’s (Daily) Reflection

This past weekend I had some ups and some downs. I just continue to count my blessings and move forward. My research was interrupted a little, but today (Tuesday) is a new day and I am …

Day 11 (Week’s Progression)


Savannah’s (Daily) Reflection

Meetings With Professor Sriraam

Our meeting on Monday is considered a general group meeting. Our meeting on Thursday is our reading group meeting. Professor always assign a reading for us to have read each week by …